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About Us

Julia’s story with horses began at the age of two and throughout her childhood/teen years she was an accomplished show jumper. Aged 20 her attentions turned to point to pointing and in an age when the sport was still very male-dominated, she gained invaluable experience with Bill Elsey in Malton. Her ability was soon recognised and with Bill’s encouragement she took out her Amateurs Licence, riding successfully on the flat.

Bill gifted her Bromley; a shock Cheltenham Festival winner in his day but a horse who was notoriously difficult. Julia overcame his many issues and together they point to pointed for five years during which time the partnership was never out of the first four.

The years between then and now have been spent training point to point horses, breaking & schooling youngsters, pre-training racehorses and rehabilitating lame / injured horses.

All of this invaluable experience culminated in the decision in 2014 to take out a training licence and in the spring of 2015 Julia was successful in her application to become a Licensed Trainer.

Julia Brooke has two sons – Henry Brooke, a Professional Jump Jockey (Champion Conditional in 2013) and Danny Brooke, Assistant Trainer and sheep breeder/dealer. Both play a major part in the success of the yard.


The historic village of Middleham was not only home to King Richard III in the 15th century but racehorses have been trained here for over 200 years.

Brough Farm has excellent training facilities on site

  • 20 stables
  • Three furlong all weather circular gallop
  • Schooling fences
  • Large enclosed lunging / warm-up pen
  • Horse walker
  • Grass paddocks used for daily turnout

Middleham itself remains a thriving racehorse training centre with excellent facilities available on the Low and High Moors which surround the village. These include all weather gallops, grass gallops, a schooling lane, and a variety of hurdles and fences.

Training Ethos

Julia Brooke and the team at Brough Farm are experienced, enthusiastic and proud of what they strive to achieve.

Being a small yard enables each horse to be treated not just as a professional athlete but also very much as an individual, and the attention to detail afforded to each one is key to their ability to perform – both in training and ultimately on the racecourse.

Whilst the horses we train are our priority, we would not have that privilege but for the Owners who share our vision for the success of their racehorse. Accordingly Owners are always welcome at Brough Farm, or to speak to us at any time by phone or email – the lines of communication are always open… and going racing is the best of fun!

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