Julia Brooke Racing

Our Horses

Melvich Bay (GB)

Bay Filly (2017)

Sire:Telescope (IRE)
Dam:Douryna (GB)
Owner:Mr Allan Grant

Derwent Dealer (IRE)

Grey Gelding (2016)

Sire:Cloudings (IRE)
Dam:Feenakilmeedy (IRE)
Owner:D & SJ Barker

Flavius Titus (GB)

Chestnut Gelding (2015)

Sire:Lethal Force (IRE)
Dam:Furbelow (GB)
Owner:Mr Foster & Partner

Dream Deal (FR)

Bay Gelding (2019)

Sire:Due Diligence (USA)
Dam:Triveni (FR)
Owner:D & SJ Barker

Get Phar (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2016)

Sire:Getaway (GER)
Dam:Lasado (IRE)
Owner:The RolyPoly Partnership

Rocco Storm (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2015)

Sire:Shirocco (GER)
Dam:White Line (FR)
Owner:The RolyPoly Partnership

Silkstone (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2016)

Sire:Alhebayeb (IRE)
Dam:Fine Silk (USA)
Owner:The Dalby Family

Frisco Queen (IRE)

Bay Mare (2016)

Sire:Kalanisi (IRE)
Dam:Brownlow Castle (IRE)
Owner:Mr James Flaherty

Baltic Baron (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2015)

Sire:Shamardal (USA)
Dam:Born Wild (GER)
Owner:The Baron Knights

Sonning (IRE)

Grey Gelding (2018)

Sire:The Gurkha (IRE)
Dam:Moon Empress (FR)
Owner:The Sonning Syndicate

Fearless (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2015)

Sire:Arakan (USA)
Dam:La Spezia (IRE)
Owner:The Fearless Partnership

Act Of Will (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2020)

Sire:Mondialiste (IRE)
Dam:Silver Act (IRE)
Owner:Geoff & Sandra Turnbull and Mrs J A Brooke

Grifter (GB)

Bay Gelding (2019)

Sire:Dandy Man (IRE)
Dam:Fleabiscuit (IRE)
Owner:Sowray Brothers

Caramello (IRE)

Chestnut Filly (2019)

Sire:Ultra (IRE)
Dam:Putaringonit (IRE)
Owner:Mr Derek Thomas

Humps And Bumps (IRE)

Bay Mare (2013)

Sire:Court Cave (IRE)
Dam:Cat Burglar (IRE)
Owner:Mary Sadler, Mervyn Buckley & the BFRP

Seven Chakra (IRE)

Bay Filly (2020)

Sire:Birchwood (IRE)
Dam:Histoire (IRE)
Owner:Mr John Platts

Un-named (IRE)

Bay Colt (2021)

Sire:Phoenix of Spain (IRE)
Dam:Josette (IRE)
Owner:Alan Court & the Brough Farm Racing Partnership

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