Julia Brooke Racing

Our Horses

Globetrotter (IRE)

Chestnut Gelding (2014)

Sire:Helmet (AUS)
Dam:Shimna (GB)
Owner:Sowray Brothers, Brooke & Platts

True Romance (IRE)

Grey Gelding (2014)

Sire:Mastercraftsman (IRE)
Dam:Full Of Love (IRE)
Owner:Kiel Ward

Fiddlers Bow (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2009)

Sire:Whitmore's Conn (USA)
Dam:Soraleda (IRE)
Owner:Mervyn Buckley & the Brough Farm Racing Partnership

Emma Beag (IRE)

Bay Mare (2011)

Sire:Westerner (GB)
Dam:Emma Jane (IRE)
Owner:Mrs Mary Sadler & Maurice Friel

Longtimesincejaspr (IRE)

Bay Mare (2014)

Sire:Stowaway (GB)
Dam:A Tanner Rate (IRE)
Owner:Mr Jim Gordon

Get The Facts (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2014)

Sire:Publisher (USA)
Dam:Ollar Rose (GB)
Owner:Mrs Sue Kramer & Mrs Mary Hatfield

Duty Girl (IRE)

Bay Mare (2013)

Sire:Vinnie Roe (IRE)
Dam:Clogher Cailin (IRE
Owner:Mr John Platts

Sauchiehall Street (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2015)

Sire:Mastercraftsman (IRE)
Dam:Top Trail (USA)
Owner:The Dalby Family

Westdante (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2015)

Sire:Westerner (GB)
Dam:Mydante (IRE)

Glengarry (GB)

Bay Gelding (2013)

Sire:Monsieur Bond (IRE)
Dam:Lady McBeth (IRE)
Owner:Mrs J A Brooke

George Square (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2018)

Sire:Epaulette (AUS)
Dam:Corsage (IRE)
Owner:Alan Court & Brough Farm Racing Partners

Sweet Marmalade (IRE)

Bay Mare (2015)

Sire:Duke Of Marmalade (IRE)
Dam:Lady Chaparral (GB)
Owner:Geoff & Sandra Turnbull

Desert Dawn (GB)

Bay Gelding (2016)

Sire:Dawn Approach (IRE)
Dam:Camlet (GB)
Owner:Geoff & Sandra Turnbull

Starlyte (IRE)

Bay Filly (2017)

Sire:Sir Percy (GB)
Dam:Virevolle (FR)
Owner:Mr Allan Wright

Lord Of The Rock (IRE)

Bay Gelding (2012)

Sire:Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE)
Dam:La Sylphide (GB)
Owner:Mr John Townson

Melgate Majeure (GB)

Brown Gelding (2016)

Sire:Lethal Force (IRE)
Dam:Ambrix (IRE)

Unnamed (GB)

Bay Filly (2017)

Sire:Telescope (IRE)
Dam:Douryna (GB)
Owner:Mr Allan Wright

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