Julia Brooke Racing

Month: November 2016

Coaching from the world renowned Yogi Breisner

Last Thursday we were very lucky to be invited to take two staff/horses to a jumping training session with Yogi Breisner up at Ferdy Murphy’s old yard in West Witton.

This was an initiative organised and funded by racing through the Northern Racing College, and was a fabulous opportunity to work with a world renowned coach.

Yogi Breisner is the Eventing Performance Manager for Team GBR & Lead for World Class Programme Coach Development.

Julia felt the younger horses would benefit the most from the opportunity and Remy (age 3) & Blackie (age 4) were the fortunate two, ridden by Ross Turner & John Kington (both ages unspecified!) respectively.

“What a fabulous pair of young horses” was how Yogi described them upon first being introduced and following the session (which was fascinating to watch) he was just as delighted with their attitude and ability.

A very proud day for the Brough Farm team, and a huge thanks to Yogi, and Sam Trainor of the Northern Racing College for organising.



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