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Month: April 2020

Furlong Factor – the “out takes”

What is it they say – never work with animals & children?? But we got there in the end….

These are some of the clips that went into putting our entry into Racing Welfare’s Furlong Factor together.

Hope you enjoy them!


Racing Welfare’s “Furlong Factor” Challenge

And oh how we love a challenge….!

When Racing Welfare announced their Furlong Factor competition https://racingwelfare.co.uk/furlong-factor/      we knew this was the moment the pet lambs had been training for!

So this is our re-make of the 2016 Timico Gold Cup – starring Danny Brooke as Gordon Elliott, Alice White as Bryan Cooper, Henry Brooke as Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, Harvey as the horse ambulance driver, little black lamb as race winner No.4 Don Cossack….and Julia on backing vocals!

Should we be fortunate enough to win, we will be donating the prize money to charity, but in the meantime the taking part has been brilliant fun in these testing times. If we make it through the heats (announced next Wednesday) it goes to a public vote – so please please support us.

We hope our efforts make you smile!!


Stay safe & keep smiling x


Schooling day during the lockdown

So when Thursday is the usual schooling day and there’s temporarily no racehorses to train due to the coronavirus lockdown, we look to see what else we can work on instead…..cue the pet lambs to take centre stage!

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