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Spa day in the Easter Monday snow

Despite Middleham being white over with snow on Easter Monday and thereby limiting the ability to safely exercise the horses, they put their time to good use enjoying a Spa Day!

Hazy in wellies 04-04-18 (1)Hazy in wellies 04-04-18 (2)

“These wellies are rubbish, they let in water!!”

Hazy Manor, seen here modelling a very fetching pair of whirlpool boots, was a little alarmed when the pump was switched on for the first time. These boots provide a hydrotherapy therapeutic system that massages the lower limbs – a Jacuzzi for the legs! And a sensation she appeared to enjoy once she got over the initial shock.

These boots are also useful in the case of injury as they help to reduce swelling and aid in the recovery process.

One In A Row then had a turn in the solarium.

OIAR solarium

As well as providing a pleasant experience for the horses, the solarium is also a useful piece of therapy equipment.  It gives a warming effect that can improve circulation and help to relax tense muscles. The effect is similar to a horse being out in a field and enjoying warm sunshine – not something we have seen much of in recent months but we live in hope of its imminent arrival…..

Although we also have a very highly qualified Equine Physiotherapist in Heather Burley regularly visiting the yard to provide specialist massage therapy, and thereby complementing our in-house spa treatments, More Madness & Copt Hill were last seen waiting patiently for the Zumba class to begin……


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