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Lads On Holiday

Although we’ve had a number of runners in recent weeks, some of the boys had packed their suitcases and departed the yard for their summer holidays.

Even though our horses in training get turned out every day, when they are having a well earned break it does them good to go somewhere different away from the work environment.

With names like Globetrotter and Short Flight, there was some debate between the pair as to whether they were going long haul or local. In the end no passports were required and they have had a lovely summer so far in their resort.

Ashes Corner (Alf) and Stags Leap ventured slightly further afield, and upon receiving their “wish you were here” postcard, Fiddlers Bow soon joined them.

Staggy is officially retired and although Ashes Corner has finished racing, he is soon to join the British Racing School as a schoolmaster for their budding jump jockeys.

We are very much looking forward to having the others back into work towards the end of July in preparation for the autumn start of the jump season.

In the meantime we thought  we’d share some of their holiday snaps…….

Holidays 2019 (1)

The equivalent of sun loungers by the pool for Fiddlers (far), Alf (middle) & Staggy (right)

Holidays 2019 (2)

Fiddlers Bow & Ashes Corner enjoying the all day buffet

Holidays 2019 (3)

“It’s a boys holiday mum, I can’t tell you what we’ve been up to”

Holidays 2019 (4)Holidays 2019 (5)

Globetrotter (chestnut) & Short Flight (bay) showing off their “at rest” physiques when Julia & Danny visited yesterday







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